Impeller removal help

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Impeller removal help

Postby Bruce » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:08 pm

Impeller Removal Help

Over the past I have read a lot of articles on our website regarding frustrations with the sometimes messy/difficult removal of the raw water intake pump impeller on the TAMD41 P-A.
For the last five years or so I have been using a Johnson Pump impeller #09-1028BT-1. The impeller seems to in my opinion outlast its competition, cost half as much and most importantly its splines are threaded as well. That said, special tool # 09-47165-01 makes removing the impeller very easy as well as it greatly reduces the possibility of damaging the impeller housing along the way. It simply screws into the threaded impeller splines and easily pulls the impeller off the splines.
One trick that I have learned that some of you may want to try is that after closing the raw water intake valve, start the engine and allow it to run for approximately 10 to 15 seconds before shutting it off.
This will not damage the impeller and will remove most of the water that is trapped in the line as well as the strainer reservoir.
Both eBay and Amazon have the pump and tool although I think I bought the removal tool from ebay as it was half of the price compared to Amazon. $13.00 vs $25.00.

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Johnson Impeller.JPG
Johnson Impeller 09-102-8BT-1
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impeller 2.JPG
Impeller removal tool 09-47-165-01
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impeller 3.JPG
Tool threaded into impeller splines
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Re: Impeller removal help

Postby NorWyn » Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:51 pm

I may be a Neanderthal but I take a set of channel locks and get a good grab on one vane.

Yank hard and it comes free. need to give it a real good sudden yank...

I also use the Johnson after market version. Works fine and I keep the old ones as spares.

When replacing, use copious amounts of the supplied lubricant around the housing and vanes.

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Re: Impeller removal help

Postby jhance » Thu May 07, 2020 9:04 pm

I sprang for an impeller puller. Works great.

As far as removing the water to access the impeller, when I remove the cap to the strainer, the water drains from the strainer, but I am left with water in the impeller cavity. I can't remember but I think last time I turkey basted the water out or may have used a shop vac.

I'll check the impeller this year but if it looks OK I will go another year with it (75 hours on it now after one year). Some say to replace every year, but the last impeller I removed after about 100 hours looked brand new.

You're also supposed to prime the impeller with water before starting. I just fill the tube with water coming from the impeller in the strainer.
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