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We had a wonderful time at our 2014 Rendezvous at Port Browning Marina on Pender Island, 18-20 July. See pictures under the Rendezvous tab.


Post questions and comments to your fellow Camano owners in the Owners' Forum: a Camano community hall!


Are you a Camano owner with pictures and stories to tell? Email them to us to share with other owners.


About Camano. Camano boats were originally developed and built for the Pacific coast in Delta, British Columbia. It is a seaworthy, practical, comfortable cruiser. 

From the original Camano brochure: 
"The Camano is designed to meet the demand for a boat with a comfortable 12 knot cruise speed...This is the boat enabling you to enjoy relaxing moments and forget such concerns as stern drives, designed and built-in depreciation, high maintenance chores and the worry and uncertainty of fuel costs. You can cruise with a Camano and enjoy the security of its rugged construction, slow your speed to 1 gallon per hour or rush to your destination at full plane."



Goodies for Happy Hour coming up the Port Browning Marina dock at our 2014 Rendezvous.

See more pictures under the Rendezvous tab.

There are also new documents to download in the Download section.