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Come to the 28th annual Camano Rendezvous August 20-22 at Port Browning Marina in the beautiful Canadian Gulf Islands. 

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About Camano. Camano boats were originally developed and built for the Pacific coast in Delta, British Columbia. It is a seaworthy, practical, comfortable cruiser. 

From the original Camano brochure: 
"The Camano is designed to meet the demand for a boat with a comfortable 12 knot cruise speed...This is the boat enabling you to enjoy relaxing moments and forget such concerns as stern drives, designed and built-in depreciation, high maintenance chores and the worry and uncertainty of fuel costs. You can cruise with a Camano and enjoy the security of its rugged construction, slow your speed to 1 gallon per hour or rush to your destination at full plane."




28th annual Camano Rendezvous

August 20-22, 2021

Port Browning Marina

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